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HM Young Offenders Institution, Wetherby  

Inspiring displays to encourage young offenders to visit their health centre


Permanent Wall Displays

When young 15-21 year old males are first admitted to HM Young Offenders Institution in Wetherby, Yorkshire, they often feel afraid and intimidated. Some are illiterate and some have never visited a doctor before in their lives. Attention grabbing, thought provoking, but self-explanatory displays were needed in the health centre, to give these young men the confidence and reassurance to seek help if unsure about any of the health issues raised.

There are various rooms at the health centre, each specialising in separate health issues. Each area requires wall displays to explain in a simple, direct and visual way what services are available. We designed the displays to resemble posters that youngsters might have on their own bedroom walls at home – this is why we employed not just one style of illustration but a variety.