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Hospital Heritage Displays  

Creating a unique visitor experience
that educates & excites is our speciality


Mural Design
Research & Project Planning
Copywriting & Editing
Web & Interactive Design
Illustration & Photography

We have been specialising in creating heritage murals for public display in medical environments for almost two decades. The murals we create can include hundreds of photographs, illustrations, newspaper cuttings, plans, 3D objects, etc, along with detailed descriptive text to inform patients, visitors and staff about the history of their hospital, PCT or medical practice. Our skills include project planning, design, copywriting, illustration, photography and image restoration – a complete service through to print and installation specification and management.

King's Mill Hospital Virtual Museum - Interactive audio-visual touchscreen with window and floor graphics.


The First Cottage Hospital - Heritage display located at the James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough.


North Ormesby Hospital - Two detailed murals, three banners and two display cases.