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IQ Group  

A leading global supplier of motion sensors & exterior lighting


Brand Identity – including:
Point of Sale
Web Design
Brochure & Leaflet Design
Exhibition Design
Icon Design

A leading global supplier of PIR motion sensors, security lighting and door entry
products based in Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Japan, America, Sweden and the UK.

The first task was to create a brand that would appeal worldwide to many different cultures, be applied to all forms of media – and have longevity. The chose design included a stylised eagle with coloured rays to represent light and the detection zones for PIR sensors, their primary components - the eagle eye of protection. The rays are coloured to co-ordinate with the colour scheme of the different product packaging. Packs sometimes include up to 18 languages and for this reason we designed key feature icons intended to work as a simple visual guide without the need for translation.


The website we designed for IQ Europe was a complex project – it needed to not only advertise who and what the company did but also work as a product selection guide with online product support. The site was launched with versions in English and Swedish. Animation is used to show how each product works.


EZY LED is a microsite that advertises one of IQE’s product ranges. We designed the brand identity, pack designs and the microsite.